Wireless Access Points

Some businesses offer wireless access as a courtesy to their customers. For countless others, it is a critical segment of their network. Deficiencies in either scenario could affect business or cripple operations. For this reason, it is paramount to partner with a team of professionals who can ensure your wireless access points have been installed properly and in the event of a failure, replacement or repair can be performed swiftly. Ohio Voice Data Cabling (OVDC) is a leader in the region for wireless access point (WAP) sales, installation, and service.

OVDC Offerings

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Point to Point Wireless

  • Wireless Transmission (Short and Long Range)
  • Wireless Bridge

  • Indoor and Outdoor Options

Comprehensive Planning

OVDC has a comprehensive checklist of requirements, and our technicians will follow them while integrating or installing a new wireless system. This is done to ensure a client is content with the work being done at every level.

Specialized Technicians

A wireless access point has to be precisely configured and judiciously installed in order to reach all corners of the premises. Our team consists of qualified technicians who are entrusted with the job of meeting all client requirements and delivering the highest possible results. All of our technicians are proficient in wireless technology.

Full Integration

Integration into an established system is achieved either through working with premises network administrators or implemented by our own trained network engineers. If there is a wired network present, any new wireless access points will be assimilated using industry benchmarks for a flawless transition.

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

Have an outdoor facility requiring wireless access points? Ohio Voice Data Cabling is the preeminent group in the region to call.

The OVDC team has years of experience with outdoor wireless infrastructure and will work tirelessly to materialize the most appropriate recourse for your environment. The process will be spelled out in advance and executed with matchless care from inception through completion.

Whether indoor or outdoor wireless access, the best materials and techniques are employed to reach the highest possible standards.

Fast Implementation

OVDC will initiate a customary procedure as soon as the details are penned, ensuring the groundwork is set into place. All materials and resources will be acquired and a deadline established to ensure everyone is on the same page and work is done in accordance with expectations.

Our team strives to achieve world-class installation times and is well-regarded for its attention to detail and commitment to quality for all installations.

World-Class Technology

OVDC utilizes the latest verified technology for all of our wireless networks. The components we enlist have been painstakingly tested in-house before being furnished as to affirm reliability. We are mindful of feedback from the marketplace in order to stay ahead of trends and hedge any defects that may be present in popular brands.

Given the vast array of options available, a comprehensive consultation is provided by the company to get a better read as to what a customer is looking for before the right match is determined.

For more information, please book a consultation with one of our team’s trusted experts. Quality wireless access point solutions from Ohio Voice Data Cabling are just a phone call or an email away.

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