OVDC Network Hardware Installation

A network is a connection between 2 or more devices that facilitates communication between them. Everything from your desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, Wi-Fi enabled devices, to your Bluetooth enabled devices operate on a network.

Businesses rely on networks to deliver critical data between their systems and to and from their clients and employees. Homes, on the other hand, depend on networks to facilitate communication and entertainment through the streaming of multimedia content via the Internet.

Getting your commercial network operating at its best is the objective that every business should target from the outset. This is where we come in. Ohio Voice Data Cabling (OVDC) is here to ensure that your networking needs are unfailingly met.

We are here to deliver quality network hardware solutions. Our professional technicians service voice, data, and video networks in environments ranging from large industrial facilities to learning institutions to local businesses and even to individual home offices.

Here are some of the ways OVDC can help you meet all your networking needs:

Network Site Surveys

It is important to understand your options before undertaking a networking project to help you determine the time frame and budget required for its development. OVDC can help you cultivate a plan of action and will prevent any issues surrounding its implementation.
Many organizations attempt to satisfy endeavors of this nature on their own, in order to conserve their means. Often times the opposite occurs when professionals are brought in late in the process because things have gotten out of control. This may result in additional costs due to the wrong equipment having been purchased, timelines not having been met, or operations disrupted.
Keep your costs under control from inception with a no-cost networking site survey from Ohio Voice Data Cabling.

Wired Networking

Although colossal advancements have been made in wireless technology, wired networking remains the standard for secure and reliable networks. Businesses typically rely on Category 5e or Cat 6 cabling. Wired networking is the best way to ensure that data remains safe and offers the most reliability.

OVDC provides wired networking solutions to businesses across all industries. Our highly-trained and experienced networking professionals work to provide quality cabling service.

Network Cabling Testing

If your cabling is tangled, disorganized, improperly connected, or your devices are experiencing lag times connecting to the network, OVDC’s testing services can help optimize functionality. We start by testing each and every cable to ensure that they are functioning properly. If they aren’t, we will determine where the discrepancies are occurring and repair the faults wherever possible. We will notify you if wiring is present that is beyond repair and work together to determine the most cost effective solution for replacing the defective cabling. We use best practices for cable management such as network racks, vertical and horizontal wire management, Velcro, and station identification labels to ensure that your cables are neat, organized, and properly labeled.

Rack Mounting

Structured wiring can quickly become messy. It is important to ensure that things are properly structured and organized and this is where rack mounting comes in. OVDC utilizes floor or wall-mount network racking to organize patch panels, patch cables, networking equipment, audio/video hubs, and backup power sources into a properly ventilated and properly organized system. A rack is utilized whenever possible to provide a future-proof and orderly method for organizing structured cabling.

VoIP Networking

OVDC can set up your Voice over Internet (VoIP) network. Businesses quickly realize the robust features and savings they can enjoy with VoIP systems. We work with a broad range of VoIP providers to provide you with feature-rich VoIP solutions at incredibly affordable rates.

Fax, Printer, & Scanner Networking

OVDC can help you setup and configure various networked resources in your business. Networked faxes, scanners, copiers, and printers can help increase the productivity of your business by facilitating the management and sharing of resources.

Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)

Wireless networking has significantly improved in the last decade. The wireless networking protocols of the past didn’t offer the speed, consistency, or reach that customers required. The long range networking hardware currently available operates on standards capable of considerable range, speed, capacity, and reliability.

OVDC installs commercial grade networking hardware that works seamlessly together to provide consistent coverage throughout your business both indoors and outdoors.

The commercial networking solutions we provide are capable of both open guest networks and secured business networks. Guest networks are always on Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) separate from the secured business network to ensure that your data remains secure.

Does this look like your network closet?

The professionals at Ohio Voice Data Cabling can help!

Why Choose Us?

Ohio Voice Data Cabling is the foremost supplier of network hardware, cabling, and wireless solutions in the area. You can be sure that no networking project is too large or too small for us. If you’re looking to have your commercial network upgraded or are considering a new network installation for your business, give us a call. We provide all the networking solutions above and many more on request.

We provide all the networking solutions above and many more on request. Call us now!