Business Telephone Systems

The foundation of a business is built on the shoulders of its communications framework. If poorly assembled or certain essential aspects are not taken into account when devised, the outcome can be inferior results that ultimately affect a business’s bottom line.

Ohio Voice Data Cabling (OVDC) provides reliable business telephone systems solutions designed to accommodate the specific needs of an organization. Whether you’re a new business trying to get off on the right foot, or an existing establishment trying to upgrade your current system, you can trust that we’ll give consideration to every detail pertinent to your operations. With years of experience and a commitment to fulfilling our customers’ petitions, OVDC will ensure results are tailor-made.

Here is what the OVDC team can provide business owners

System Design

The appropriate customized business telephone system will be determined after a consultation with one of the OVDC experts. A representative will chart out the right course of action for the enterprise and determine what will suit its needs best.

Core features found in each system:

  • Fully Integrated
  • On-hold Music/Messaging
  • Voice Mail

  • Paging
  • Accessories

Our business telephone systems are for all businesses, large or small, looking for a comprehensive solution. Whether the objective is simplicity and ease of use or the newest features the market can offer, we can construct and deploy the ideal system.


How many employees are working for the business? How long will it take for the business telephone system to be set up? What features are relevant to how the business is executed? What will the cost be for this system?

All of these questions are important. A representative from OVDC will prepare an immediate plan and cost estimate for the business, based on these questions and an established checklist.

The goal is to provide each company with a unique system. Certain phone system configurations other groups use for their business may not be the best fit for each and every enterprise. It is important to keep this in mind when making a decision. A customized solution will better serve a firm’s day to day operations.

Seamless Installation

We understand this process is not one that every organization is familiar with. We will guide the step by step course of action through to completion, enabling clients to concentrate on their core business. We will make certain the new system is integrated, engaged, and all objectives have been met. We even work hand in hand with our clients to determine if their existing local telephone service provider is fulfilling their needs. Often times, we determine instances where resources can be conserved, as a monthly service agreement may have once served its purpose, but it may no longer do so.


Why choose Ohio Voice Data Cabling? Our team has fulfilled thousands of projects throughout Ohio. Our technicians are respected among the business community for eschewing typical industry annoyances. Our commitment to being fair, present, and attentive is unrivaled. Emphasis is given to quality with each and every step.

Our expertise ensures the appropriate decisions are made, and our team continues to be available long after the installation has been completed, to answer any questions you may have. This attention to detail makes us one of the best options in Cleveland and throughout Ohio for business telephone systems.

Prioritized Customer Service

A client deserves world-class customer service from the first consultation to beyond the final date of installation. Anything short of this should not be tolerated. We are a customer-centric company. OVDC is proud of the customer service we provide and we know this is how we will consistently differentiate ourselves.

To learn more about OVDC ‘s offerings and what business phone system will best conform to your needs, call now to book a consultation with one of our trusted experts.

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