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Ohio Voice Data Cabling

We believe it’s important to clearly define why an organization should do business with you. For us it’s the attention we give to each and every project, no matter the size. In today’s highly distracted economy, so little regard is given to customer experience. This is where we differentiate ourselves. You can expect unparalleled care and consideration from our group.
We don’t just seek transactions, we are looking to cultivate partnerships and connect with our customers authentically.

``Greatness is a lot of small things done well``
- Ray Lewis

Northeast Ohio has fast become the embodiment of the American success story. The modern-day renaissance that our region has experienced reads like the quintessential comeback narrative, and depicts the determination and passion of all who hail from this section of the country. There’s a buzz surrounding the area, and rightfully so. From the success of our sports organizations, to the concrete business infrastructure, health-care and educational options, robust entertainment and dining choices, and the investments in developing our breathtaking landscape; there’s never been a better time to call Northeast Ohio home.

Ohio Voice Data Cabling (OVDC) is a locally owned technology solutions provider that was born and bred in Northeast Ohio. The rich history and present-day resurgence of the region mirrors our own journey. We know what it’s like to fight for what you believe in, no matter the cost. We are passionate about what we do and it shows. We’re more than just another communications company. We are an organization that believes in people over profit, remaining true to core values, and constantly evolving to remain relevant. We don’t cut corners to secure revenue. We know that authenticity lends credibility. We’re willing to go above and beyond to add value to our vendor-partners, customers, and associates. We understand the indispensable significance of relationships and will do whatever we can to express our sincere appreciation for those connections.

Give us an opportunity to partner with your business. We know you’ll be impressed with our extraordinary communication and attention to detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

-Jason León

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